You should never diet again: The science and genetics of weight loss

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You should never diet again: The science and genetics of weight loss
Researchers have studied that side of the equation, too—instead of having people lose weight and then try to maintain the thin weight, they had people gain weight and then try to maintain the fat weight. Staying fat shouldn't be that difficult, should …
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A High-Fat Diet Can Torpedo Your Metabolism
Over time, Kiecolt-Glaser estimates that indulging once a week in a high-fat meal could add up to an 11-pound weight gain in one year. And that's just from one meal. Hulver points out that if you're consistently eating a high-fat diet, the effect could …
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Weight Loss Doesn't Always Lead to Happiness
To lose weight is to become happier. At least, this is the narrative voiced by countless health gurus, ubiquitous advertisements, and, sometimes, overly blunt friends and relatives. Americans buy in to the weight-loss game with billions of dollars a …
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