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History of Jason Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1980 by William Vitale, M.D. Its primary focus is the development, manufacture and distribution of Medifast Programs and Products. Medifast Products are manufactured to exacting specifications in our state-of-the-art production facility in Owings Mills, Maryland. Product labeling, quality, control, manufacturing processes and equipment are subject to regulations and inspections mandated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Maryland State Department of Health and Hygiene and Baltimore County Department of Health. Our plant strictly adheres to all cGMP practices and has proudly maintained its status as an "OU" (Orthodox Union) Kosher-approved facility since 1982.

Medifast combines physician-supervised weight loss programs with high quality nutritional supplements and multidisciplinary patient education programs. Over 15,000 physicians nationwide have used Medifast to treat more than 700,000 overweight patients. Medifast offers more than 50 years combined knowledge in our experienced and dedicated customer service and technical and nutritional support staff.

MEDIFAST Has Been Chosen by premier Medical/Research Institutions including...

Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center. For over 8 years, Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center in Baltimore, Maryland has chosen Medifast Products for their very-low-calorie program patients. Dr. Cheskin has been quite satisfied with the Medifast and Take Shape products (shakes, bars, creamy soups, hot cocoa, crackers) used at the Center.

University of Vermont at Burlington selected Medifast Products for its NIH-commissioned Obesity Study entitled "Energy Metabolism in the Post-Obese State" underway at The University of Vermont. This 4-year study will help define the metabolic consequences of the mutation in the B3AR gene in the regulation of daily energy expenditure and fat metabolism in older women. Researchers at the University of Vermont chose to use Medifast and Take Shape products in the study based on the recommendation of Dr. Lawrence Cheskin, Director of the Weight Management Center at Johns Hopkins University.

Maine State Prison. Prison physician with prior experience using the Medifast Program has begun treating obese inmates with Medifast. Reports indicate that the improved health of these individuals directly translates to significant cost savings in medical care in a short period of time. With only the initial weight losses achieved with Medifast, many patients have already reduced or discontinued medications needed to treat associated health conditions including hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, among others.

Shands Teaching Hospital. Affiliated with The University of Florida, Shands Teaching Hospital selected Medifast Products as part of their adolescent obesity treatment program. Medifast Products consistently provide high biological value protein from soy and/or milk, essential vitamins/minerals, trace elements and are rich in dietary fiber - nutritional factors important to researchers.


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