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Cheese Taco Shell recipe | Keto Gluten Free taco shell made out of Cheese slices |

Hi it’s Kayla and I’m back again with another rendition of Tacos. Let’s taco ’bout it. Because hello, tacos are the best/delicious and we all need more of them in our life. Peace Love Tacos

I’m all about getting more tacos in my life and I like variety so I’m all about trying different shells, fillings, toppings, etc. Jicama shells? Yup. Cauliflower tortillas? Sure, why not. Breakfast tacos? You betcha.

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Cheese Taco Shell recipe | Keto Gluten Free taco shell made out of Cheese slices |

So these Cheese Taco Shells are fun and delicious. If you’re low carb they are great for you! bc you get all the best things about a Taco without all the carbs. Plus, who isn’t completely intrigued by a “tortilla” taco shell completely made of Cheese? That sounds like a cheese lovers dream. Cheese Lovers of the World, Rejoice! If you’re Keto, these are pretty much a godsend when Tuesday rolls around and everyone is celebrating Taco Tuesday. Just roll up with your Cheesy taco Shells and join the party and stay in Ketosis.

These are super easy to make. You can make with other cheeses but I’ve found that provolone has worked the best for me and it tastes delicious too, which is always priority #1 in my life.

Go forth and eat Tacos!

Cheese Taco Shell recipe | Keto Gluten Free taco shell made out of Cheese slices |

Cheese Taco Shell (Keto)
Cook time
Total time
Author: Mince Republic
Serves: 6-8
  • provolone cheese circles (the number of tacos you want, each circle makes 1)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place provolone cheese circles on a baking sheet lined with a baking mat or parchment paper.
  3. Cook for 9-12 minutes until turning golden brown but not burnt.
  4. While cooking, get a baking sheet with raised edges on the top and place foil on top of the raised edges.
  5. When the cheese circles have finished cooking, take them out of the oven and immediately lay on the foil on the edge of the baking sheet so that the edges of the cheese can drape over creating a shell.
  6. Allow to sit for five minutes so that they set.
It took my oven 9 minutes to cook using a silicone baking sheet and 12 minutes using parchment paper.
If you don’t want them to be oily, dap with a paper towel after they have set.

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