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Juicy blueberries and ripe sweet bananas are the stars in this scrumptious wholesome over night oats dish!

Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats Recipe

This tasty recipe marks completion of blueberry season for me. Well kinda … I still have a couple big bags of blueberries in my freezer however as for blog recipes this is it. Over the last couple months I made.a slow cooker blueberry banana steel cut oatmeal recipe.,.a blueberry banana baked oatmeal cup recipe., and a.blueberry banana greek yogurt muffin. I also used many blueberries in healthy smoothies and plan to make numerous more smoothies with the blueberries I have actually left.

This is the important things with bananas. I love them. I constantly have a couple on my counter requiring to be used up so usually bananas will discover their method into my recipes. Especially, breakfast or baked excellent dishes.Here’s a post on utilizing up ripe bananas..

Blueberries and bananas were suggested to be.Genuinely.The slight tartness of a blueberry goes completely with the sweet flavor of a ripe banana. And when you combine those tastes you don’t even need a lot of added sugar since the fruit provides the majority of the sweetness.

I don’t know why I never thought to make an over night oats recipe with blueberries and bananas before. I should point out that this dish will most likely be the last of the over night oats dishes for a while. Don’t stress though due to the fact that I’m leaving you with 3 remarkable overnight oat dishes.an almond happiness inspired dish.that is killer. Today I’m sharing this blueberry and banana one. And in a couple days search for a new over night oats dish with juicy strawberries.


Overnight oats dishes are so simple to create and can be made 3– 5 days ahead of time. I do not make more than 3 at a time but I’ve had readers tell me their oats are great at 5 days.

For this recipe I just blended together.rolled oats.,.chia seeds., and unsweetened coconut milk. Chia seeds include extra protein and fiber to the dish. They likewise create a scrumptious pudding-like texture with the oats. I’ve made overnight oats without them so if you don’t have any or don’t wish to use then leave the chia seeds out. For the milk you can utilize whatever milk you like.


Once I blended those components together I stirred in a little pure vanilla extract and then added in a 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup of blueberries. Mine were initially fresh however then I put the blueberries in the freezer so I think you can say I used frozen blueberries in this recipe.

The oats are going to be thick when you take the jar off. Provide it a couple stirs and add a little additional milk to loosen up the oats.

For all of my over night oats dishes I use a.16-ounce (pint size) mason container. These work terrific and are the perfect portion-controlled “on the go” vessel.

This is a tasty summer season breakfast dish to help you enjoy the end of the season blueberries. It’s filled with wholesome oats and great deals of fruit to keep you pleased up until lunch.

Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats.
Preparation time.
Prepare time.
Overall time.
Author:.Arrange Yourself Skinny.
Active ingredients.
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats.
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds.
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk.
  • 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.
  • 1/2 of a banana, peeled and chopped.
  • 1/2 cup of blueberries, frozen or fresh.
  • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup.
  1. In a 16-ounce mason jar integrate the rolled oats and chia seeds.
  2. Gather the coconut milk and after that place the bananas and blueberries on top of the oats.
  3. Place the lid on and store in the fridge overnight.
  4. Stir the oats and include the pure maple syrup and a little additional coconut milk to relax the oats. Take pleasure in cold.

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Each container is filled with lean ground turkey cooked in taco flavoring, black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, shredded cheese, cauliflower, and cilantro rice. You can also switch out the cauliflower rice for any other rice of your choice.
overhead photo of taco turkey bowls
We’ve been eating a lot of tacos recently. It began about three weeks ago when we went to a taco celebration, where the rate of admission included all the tacos you might eat from over forty regional vendors. We had Taco Bell tacos when we attempted thenaked chicken chips. And because then, for one factor or another, we’ve had tacos several times a week.
close-up photo of turkey taco bowl with a fork
And while I’m not yet sick of tacos, I have been wishing to return to a much healthier eating routine, so I made these taco bowls. It’s all the garnishes I enjoy in tacos, however served with cauliflower rice rather of tortillas.
close-up overhead photo of turkey taco bowls

These low carbohydrate taco bowls are a healthier meal that can be prepped ahead of time for your weekly meal prep.


turkey taco bowls

  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/2 small brown onion, peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 pound lean ground turkey
  • 1 package light taco seasoning (or the homemade taco spices below).
  • 15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained.
  • 15.25 oz can entire kernel corn, drained pipes.
  • 2 big tomatoes, diced.
  • 1 big avocado, cubed.
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese.
  • fresh cilantro, for garnish.

cauliflower rice.

  • 2 tbsp olive oil.
  • 4 cups raw cauliflower rice (you can purchase plans of cauliflower rice or make your own by pulsing cauliflower florets in food processor up until they are about two times the size of grains of rice).
  • salt and pepper as required.

homemade taco flavoring.

  • 1 tablespoon chili powder.
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder.
  • 1/4 tsp onion powder.
  • 1/4 tsp dried oregano.
  • 1/2 tsp paprika.
  • 1 1/2 tsp ground cumin.
  • 1 tsp salt.
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper


  1. If utilizing homemade taco spices, include all the taco flavoring components to a little bowl and whisk together till thoroughly integrated. When cooking with the spices, for every 1 tablespoon of seasoning used, you will likewise require to include 1/4 cup water to the ground meat. Store any remaining flavoring in an airtight container.
  2. Add in ground turkey and cook until browned. Include in taco flavoring package and water quantity specified in instructions. If utilizing the homemade taco seasoning, start with 1 tbsp+ 1/4 cup water and add more as needed.
  3. In a different frying pan, prepare the cauliflower rice. Add in oil and bring to medium high heat. Add in cauliflower rice and season with salt and pepper as required. Prepare up until cauliflower hurts.
  4. When rice and turkey have cooled, you can package into your Associated Dishes.

Skinny Bang Zucchini Noodles Meal Preparation.

Sriracha Cauliflower Fried Rice Meal Preparation.

Korean Beef Bowls Meal Prep.


Skinny Turkey Taco Bowls with Cauliflower Rice Meal Prep
Skinny Turkey Taco Bowls with Cauliflower Rice Meal Prep. Low carb, easy and flavorful!

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If you enjoy healthy bowl recipes then you will love these buffalo chicken bowls! Made with lots of veggies, shredded buffalo chicken, avocados and a light cattle ranch dressing they are filling and scrumptious!

Ever considering that child number three came around (about 6 weeks ago) I have actually been tryingactuallyhard to be healthier. I dislike dieting, counting calories etc. (who likes it?) I have actually been working on simply altering my lifestyle to a healthy, pleased, state that I can preserve.

A substantial element of making healthy consuming maintainable for me is that food still needs to be filling and taste great! These shredded buffalo chicken bowls manage both of those things, with flair! My sibling provided me the recipe, and I have consumed them a minimum of two times a week since. guilt totally free!

Buffalo chicken cooking in crock pot.

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

This healthy crockpot buffalo chicken isn’t only delicious in this healthy bowl recipe! We enjoy to eat our leftover shredded buffalo chicken on sandwiches, tacos or salads as well..

Corn, bean, tomato, avocado mixture for buffalo chicken bowls.
Among the very best aspects of this dish is that many all the carbohydrates come from veggies! There is no rice or noodle base and think what– you won’t even miss it! There’s a factor these healthy buffalo chicken bowls are one of our extremely most popular dishes and that’s due to the fact that they are filling, healthy, and delicious!.

healthy buffalo chicken bowl all assembled ready to eat

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bowls.
Preparation Time.
Prepare Time.
Total Time.

Healthy bowl dishes are my go to lately and these healthy buffalo chicken bowls can not be beat! Even my kids like them, and they are totally regret free!.

Course:. Dinner
Food:. American
Keyword:. bowl recipes, buffalo chicken bowls, buffalo chicken recipes, crockpot buffalo chicken, healthy bowl recipes, healthy dinner ideas
Portions.: 8.
Calories.: 338.kcal.
Author.: Jessica.
Active ingredients.
  • 2. cans corn.
  • 2. cans black beans.
  • 3. avocados.
  • a pint of cherry tomatoes.halved.
  • 6.chicken breasts.
  • 1. cup.of your preferred buffalo sauce.I use Franks.
  • 1. TBS.garlic.minced.
  • 1. packet Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dressing.
  • 1 1/3.cups.plain Greek yogurt.
  • 3. TBS.milk.
  1. Cook chicken, garlic and hot sauce to slow cooker and cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 3 hours. When chicken is cooked through, shred it and set aside.
  2. In a different little bowl mix together your Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dressing, Greek yogurt and milk and stick it in the fridge.
  3. Next, drain and rinse your corn and black beans and include them to a bowl. Rinse and half your cherry tomatoes and add them to the bowl too. Dice your avocados and add them to the mix!
  4. Assemble your bowls by including your veggie mixture, topping with chicken, and finishing them off with some healthy Greek yogurt ranch dressing (or whatever your preferred ranch dressing is)..

If you love healthy bowl recipes then you will love these buffalo chicken bowls! Made with tons of veggies, shredded buffalo chicken, avocados and a light ranch dressing they are filling and delicious!

Two buffalo chicken bowls ready to eat!

If you love healthy bowl recipes then you will love these buffalo chicken bowls! Made with tons of veggies, shredded buffalo chicken, avocados and a light ranch dressing they are filling and delicious! #buffalochicken #buffalochickencrockpot #buffalochickenbowls #healthydinnerrecipes #healthydinneridea #eatinghealthy #healthymeals

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These chicken poppers are gluten free, paleo, AIP, and egg free, while still being tasty enough to deceive anybody who routinely consumes otherwise!

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers (Paleo, AIP)

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers Are the Healthy Comfort Food You’ve Been Trying to find …

Let me inform you a story about a little girl who literally consumed no animal protein until she had to do with 20 that wasn’t in chicken nugget form. She was so unhealthy and out of touch with her bodies innate intelligence to consume genuine food that she would gag at any protein that wasn’t a nugget. She did not discriminate when it pertained to nuggets … dinosaur shaped, junk food, frozen, they were all Gucci. It wasn’t she grew up, was detected with Hashimoto’s and gut issues, and in fact got a firm understanding of her health did she recognize that those nuggets were not the very best option. … plainly, I’m talking about myself here. Maybe dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets weren’t my friend then or now, however these chicken poppers are the genuine food, adult version of the chicken nuggets that I enjoyed for years!

When I first made these and smelled of them cooking in the oven, it seriously smelled like any game day snack that you ‘d find in a sports bar or at any party. My mouth was water the second they came out of the oven! The odor, the texture, and the nostalgic feel that I was consuming chicken nuggets make these little men the ideal healthy convenience food.

Here’s why they’re great for you …

  • They’re veggie loaded with green onion and sweet potato which provide vitamins, nutrients, and flavor.
  • These guys feature coconut flour which is a grain complimentary, healthy flour, and coconut oil which is a remarkable healthy fat.
  • They’re paleo and Entire 30 friendly, and even rigorous autoimmune procedure friendly for all of my fellow autoimmune therapists out there!

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers Are Perfect For …

Seriously, it makes these a terrific meal to bring along to your upcoming celebration, or extremely bowl Sunday gathering to guarantee that you have something healthy to eat for yourself, while still having something tasty to share. Don’t be that person that brings kale chips … be the man that brings sweet potato chicken poppers These men are ideal for …

  • Party appetisers.
  • Super Bowl or game day snacks.
  • Finger food for choosy eater kiddos.
  • Enjoyable weeknight dinner.

Plus, they are the.ideal.food for dipping! I might or might not have actually already nicknamed this \”dippy chicken\” (because I’m fully grown), but actually … it’s the ideal size for finger food and tastes excellent dipped in a huge bowl of.AIP guacamole.!

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers (Paleo, AIP)

Do not hesitate to utilize a various sauce that is certified with your own needs, like perhaps a clean buffalo sauce, or even a cattle ranch dip. Rest ensured that they go terrific with this guac!

I also need to shout out a comparable recipe,.chicken and zucchini poppers from One Lovely Life.! These are another excellent choice if you’re searching for something lower in starch.


Active ingredients.

  • 1 lb ground chicken (raw).
  • 2 cups raw sweet potato, finely grated (I used a broad cheese grated like.this.or you can utilize your food mill).
  • 2 tablespoon coconut oil + 1 tsp for greasing the baking sheet.
  • 2 tablespoon coconut flour (I recommend.this brand.).
  • 2-3 sprigs green onion, sliced fine.
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder.
  • 1 tbsp onion powder.
  • 1 tsp sea salt.
  • Optional: 1 tsp paprika or chili powder (not AIP but adds a kick!).


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 F and gently grease a lined baking sheet with coconut oil.
  2. Take the raw sweet potato and squeeze it with a paper towel or cheese fabric to get rid of any excess liquid.
  3. Then, integrate all of the active ingredients in a large mixing bowl and thoroughly combine.
  4. Begin rolling the mixture into little, slightly flattened poppers about one inch in size (you’ll have about 20-25 poppers) and position them on the cooking sheet.
  5. Place in the oven for 25-28 minutes, turning half method through. Crisp further in a pan or place under the broiler if desired for 1-2 minutes to crisp even more. Get rid of from the oven when completely prepared through.
  6. Allow to cool and serve with your preferred sauce! These are produced dipping so pair them with guacamole, catsup, mustard, etc!

I hope you absolutely like these poppers are much as we do here at the Hoover home!

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers (Paleo, AIP & Whole 30)

, if you love the sweet potato chicken poppers … you’ll likewise love these fun variations!!Asian Chicken Poppers.,.Breakfast Sausage Poppers.and the.Bacon Cattle Ranch Chicken Poppers.

Article source: http://unboundwellness.com/sweet-potato-chicken-poppers-paleo-aip-whole-30/

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Take taco night to the next level with these Baked Bell Pepper Tacos! With guidelines for vegan, vegetarian, and paleo options, these peppers are all set to transform your typical taco fare with a clean-eating twist!

Take taco night to the next level with these Baked Bell Pepper Tacos! (vegetarian, paleo, and vegan versions available)

Much like singing pleasantly off-key, leaving the meals in a Tetris-like tower in the sink, and making stretchy pants a method of life … stuffing veggies with veggies is completely my thing.

Stuffed sweet potatoeswill always be my first true love, connected with the always-awesomestuffed spaghetti squashin all its versatile splendor. Then there’s the forever-popular stuffing of the bell peppers which is SO DARN GOOD! I tend to pack up on seasonal stuffed squash and sweet potatoes all Fall and Winter long, then dive right into bell pepperdom in the beginning sign of Spring.


Happy Taco Tuesday! Let’s do this!

Baked Bell Pepper Tacos

Take taco night to the next level with these Baked Bell Pepper Tacos!

The terrific aspect of stuffed vegetables is how splendidly versatile they are. You can fit them into actually any meal plan ever. Other than the absolutely no veggies meal strategy, in which case … you’re in problem mister! Utilizing naturally low-carb veggies as a base suggests whatever you decide to make can be gloriously-gluten free depending on your choice of garnishes.

Whether you’re a lean, mean clean-eating device, powering though a paleo diet plan, as vegan as a bunny rabbit, or just group EAT-ALL-THE-VEGGIES, there’s a stuffed veggie combination that’s all set to rock your plate any day of the week!

Obviously I’m going to insist you begin with these delicious baked bell pepper tacos.

Take taco night to the next level with these Baked Bell Pepper Tacos!



Baked Bell Pepper Tacos

Take taco night to the next level with these Baked Bell Pepper Tacos! With guidelines for vegan, paleo, and vegetarian choices, these peppers are all set to transform your common taco fare with a clean-eating twist!

CourseMain dish
KeywordBaked Bell Pepper Tacos
Prep Time10minutes
Prepare Time18minutes
Total Time28minutes
AuthorJenn Laughlin – Crayons and peas
  • 4big bell peppers
  • 3-4cupstaco filling( select from below).
  • 3/4.cup.shredded cheese.additional as wanted.
  • 3/4.cup.sliced tomato.
  • 3/4.cup.sliced lettuce.
  • cilantro and lime.as a delicious garnish.


  • a. 1lb ground chicken, turkey, or beef.seasoned your preferred way and browned on the stove-top! I use a combination of enchilada sauce (homemade or store bought) and homemade taco spices to taste mine, plus a little mexican hot sacue for a kick! You can also make your protein option beforehand and keep in the fridge for 2-3 days or freezer for emergency taco night filling. This likewise works with my lentil-veggie taco filling too!
  • b. 3-4 cups Lentil Vegetable Taco Filling.
  • c. 3-4 cups Seasoned tofu.like chipotle-style sofritos.
  • d. 2 cups Refried Beans or black beans + 1-2 cups saut\u00e9ed veggies.

TASTY TOPPINGS (select your favorites).

  • shredded cheddar or pepper jack cheese.
  • sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.
  • fresh cilantro.
  • sliced jalape\u00f1os.
  • fresh or leftover grilled/roasted/saut \u00e9ed veggies.
  • fresh chopped avocado.
  • guacamole.
  • salsa verde.
  • pico de gallo.
  • salsa.
  • Trying to find additional crunch? Try falling apart a few tortilla chips on top of your bell peppers or serve them with a side of chips and salsa!
  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F. Choose your protein choice( s) from the above list and cook via favored technique.

  2. Slice each bell pepper in half. Hollow out each pepper, removing stem, seeds, and so on.

  3. Lay peppers on a baking sheet and cook for 8-10 minutes till al-tente or for 10-15 minutes for softer peppers.

  4. Fill each pepper to the brim with your taco filling of option (see above for yummy alternatives; I made mine t-rex this time around) and leading with cheese.

  5. Bake for an additional 10 minutes, then stack mile-high with all your preferred taco garnishes! Anything goes on taco night!

Though I consisted of the measurements I used for 8 bell pepper tacos, feel free to double, triple, or halve the dish as wanted.

The variation I photographed was of the T-rex variety but snagging one of the vegan or vegetarian filling alternatives I published above will help you stick with your strategy! Combine black beans and saut\u00e9ed veggies with any of the protein alternatives from ground turkey to tofu.

Bell Pepper Tacos

Take taco night to the next level with these Baked Bell Pepper Tacos! (vegetarian, paleo, and vegan versions available)

so … how were they !?

Holy cow I enjoy them! You would not expect a mountain-o-veggies to be extremely gratifying, they’re actually exceptionally filling. The bell peppers provide more fiber and flavor than your average tortilla and are chock filled with vitamins too. It’s the ULTIMATE way to shake up your taco night with a healthy (and yummy!) twist.

In the even that you make too lots of (guilty as charged!) they also make fantastic leftovers. Snag a couple of for lunch the following day and reheat in the oven, toaster, or microwave.

Double-duty meals FTW!

Use those tasty leftovers to make taco packed bell peppers the list below day for fast food without the hassle. You can also re-purpose taco night into.Taco Stuffed Sugary Food Potatoes.,.Taco Soup., or.Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls.— RATING!

Searching for more sassy packed peppers?

Article source: http://peasandcrayons.com/2016/03/baked-bell-pepper-tacos-recipe.html

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Inspired by PF Changs’ well-known recipe, these healthy turkey lettuce covers are fast, simple to make and are full of so much taste!

Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps, a favorite in our home! | Eat Yourself Skinny

So you might in fact recognize thisrecipebecause YES I shared these lettuce wraps prior to years back on my blog site, however we like making these sooo much in our house that I simply needed to re-make them for you (with much better images of course). The pictures I took in the past were when I was brand new at photography and, although they.tasted.incredible, the.photos.were not exactly drool-worthy.

I imply… they were BAD.

Everyone has to start someplace and whatever is always such a terrific knowing experience so I actually like looking back at old photos (.I’m sure there will come a time in the future when I’ll look back at these current photos and find aspects that I do not like, things that I wished I had actually done much better or altered, but I guarantee you I’ll have the very same sense of pride through learning and growing my craft. Plus who desires to look at unattractive photos of food??Yeah NO ONE.

If you are a fan of P.F. Changs’ lettuce covers like we are then you will seriously LOVE these. I used ground turkey in location of beef which I actually prefer much better, however you might also utilize ground chicken. I made that mistake on my.

Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps, a favorite in our home! | Eat Yourself Skinny

last recipe.of purchasing simply a random head of lettuce. Our covers totally broke down, the leaves were method to big and they simply looked like an unappetizing hot mess.BUT they did still taste excellent so that’s what matters best?!

These lettuce wraps are ideal for an easy weeknight meal and make delicious appetisers when having friends over. In reality, they’re so highly asked for that I have actually passed this recipe out more times than I can count to pals and household would desire to make them which is why I desired to re-new this recipe for you people! Make sure to tag me on if you do make them.

Instagram.or.Twitter.That I can see how they turn out!Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps.

1 1/4 pound. fat-free lean ground turkey.

  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil.
  • 1 clove garlic, minced.
  • \u215b tsp. ground ginger.
  • 4 green onions, very finely sliced.
  • 1 (8 oz) can chopped water chestnuts, drained and coarsely chopped.
  • 3 Tbsp hoisin sauce.
  • 2 Tbsp lower-sodium soy sauce (green top).
  • 1 Tbsp rice vinegar.
  • 2 tsp. roasted red chili paste.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • 12 Boston lettuce leaves.
  • Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Include turkey, ginger and garlic to the pan and cook for about 6 minutes or up until turkey is browned. Stir to fall apart.
  1. Combine turkey mixture, onions and chopped water chestnuts in a big bowl, stirring well, and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile in a little bowl, blend together hoisin, soy sauce, rice vinegar and roasted red chili paste and drizzle over the turkey mix. Toss to coat totally.
  3. Include about 1/4 cup turkey mixture to each lettuce leaf, serve and take pleasure in!
  4. Serving Size: 2 lettuce cups + 1/4 cup turkey mixture each – Calories: 162 – Fat: 4.3 g – Saturated Fat: 0.8 g – Carbs: 7.8 g – Fiber: 0.9 g – Protein: 23.5 g – Sugars: 3.4 g – WW Freestyle Points: 2.


Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps, a favorite in our home! | Eat Yourself Skinny

Article source: http://www.eat-yourself-skinny.com/2016/02/healthy-turkey-lettuce-wraps.html#_a5y_p=5068374

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This hot and sweet roasted cauliflower recipe is the perfect oven roasted side meal. Toss it on a sheet pan and it’s ready in no time! It’s vegan and gluten complimentary, and it’s terrific for contributing to meal preparation!

BEST roasted cauliflower recipe. Tossed in an easy sweet and spicy marinade and baked for 30 min. So good!

I just invested 2 hours searching evaluations for infant bouncers on Amazon. My eyes hurt. Do you guys even know what sort of features these things feature nowadays? I do not know how I ever made it to their adult years without such luxuries. Integrated stereo, relaxing vibration patterns, a selection of dangling toys to entertain the infant, hands-free bouncing– and none come in the color I desire.

My best friend is pregnant. My finest pal is having a child.

I do not know the first thing about babies. I’ve never changed a diaper (Hi, Google? it’s me, Jordan.) I.


love red wine. I state shit and damn and hell.


It’s still so hard for me to envision her as a mother. I know she’s going to be incredible.

It’s difficult to imagine. Since to me– playing home with our American Girl dolls appears like yesterday. Getting in difficulty for swimming in a flooded ditch appears like the other day. Terrifying the community in her go-cart seems like yesterday. Her moving to Oklahoma looks like yesterday. Church camp. Boyfriends. High school. College. Graduations. The other day. Providing my very first wedding event speech as her Matron of Honor– I know that was just the other day. I swear it was.

Here we are. Coincidentally, today is her birthday. And the next day is my birthday. It’s been so long because we commemorated together, although we were born one day apart. Now, she’s a couple of weeks far from bringing a piece of her into the world. And quickly, I’ll get to fulfill satisfy the magical little person she’s been busy developing.

How fortunate am I? I get to see my best buddy modification and grow and find out. And she’ll teach me things I didn’t realize I needed to know.She’s going initially. She’s paving this roadway. And she’s.so.

BEST roasted cauliflower recipe. Tossed in an easy sweet and spicy marinade and baked for 30 min. So good!

She’s going to be so good at this. When Baby H comes into the world, she will be surrounded with love and appreciation. She will be raised by 2 of the best individuals I’ve ever known.

This dish is a life-saver and a game-changer. (Too numerous hyphens in one sentence?

When you see cauliflower on sale. When you have cauliflower that’s on the verge of going bad.We cooked this recipe on a.sturdy baking sheet.lined with parchment–.we buy ours from Amazon.

! We have actually tried using aluminum foil prior to and it just doesn’t seem to prepare.Be sure to let me understand if you make this sweet and spicy cauliflower dish! Leave me a remark or tag me on.Instagram.


BEST roasted cauliflower recipe. Tossed in an easy sweet and spicy marinade and baked for 30 min. So good!


  • Keep it basic with this oven-roasted side meal. Cauliflower florets are tossed in a tempting sweet and spicy marinade and baked until tender.Author:.
  • Jordan Cable.Prep Time:.
  • 5 minutes.Cook Time:.
  • 30 minutes.Overall Time:.
  • 35 minutes.Yield:.
  • 4.Category:.


  • Ingredients.
  • 4 cups cauliflower florets.
  • 2 Tablespoons maple syrup.
  • 2 Tablespoon sriracha.
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil.
  • 1/2 Tablespoon tamari or soy sauce.

1/2 teaspoon black pepper.

  1. Instructions.
  2. Preheat oven to 400\u00ba. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. In a large bowl (or a Ziplock bag) integrate cauliflower and other active ingredients– maple syrup, sriracha, olive oil, tamari, and pepper. Mix until the cauliflower is well layered.
  4. Put the cauliflower onto the baking sheet and location in the oven. If the baking sheet is over-crowded, the cauliflower will \”steam\” and it will not cook.

Bake for thirty minutes or till cauliflower hurts.

I advise serving this over a bed of steaming quinoa or rice.

You can easily include other vegetables with or instead of cauliflower.

  • Nutrition.Calories:.
  • 115.Sugar:.
  • 6.3 g.Salt:.
  • 349.4 mg.Fat:.
  • 7.1 g.Saturated Fat:.
  • 1.1 g.Unsaturated Fat:.
  • 6g.Trans Fat:.
  • 0g.Carbohydrates:.
  • 12.3 g.Fiber:.
  • 2.2 g.Protein:.
  • 2.3 g.Cholesterol:.


Article source: http://thefitchen.com/2016/09/02/sweet-spicy-baked-cauliflower/

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Healthy Beef and Broccoli – This take-out favorite is so easy to make at home and–BONUS–it’s paleo, gluten free, and Whole30 approved!

Simple, savory, HEALTHY Beef and Broccoli. This is a lighter take on the takeout fave, with all that amazing flavor!
I’ll always have a soft spot for something that takes a bit more time and effort (like slow-simmered soups or stews, or a fancy dessert), but most days we’re eating meals that are fairly straight-forward and simple.

That never (EVER!) means we sacrifice flavor, and this healthy beef and broccoli is one of those dynamite recipes that hits all my favorite criteria–fast, healthy, easy, and delicious.


Takeout made lighter at home - Healthy Beef and Broccoli! This one is gluten free, paleo, and Whole30 approved!
Thinly sliced beef gets dredged in a little bit of arrowroot (or cornstarch, if you’re not paleo/don’t have it), and a super-quick sear in the pan. Paired with tender, delicious broccolini (or broccoli), and a three-ingredient sauce, the flavor combination is magic. I love when I can coax as much flavor as possible out of a short ingredient list.

The beef stays tender, the broccolini is cooked just enough, and the savory sauce ties everything together. Serve this with a side of fresh pineapple, and some rice or cauliflower rice, and dinner is done!

Healthy Beef and Broccoli is a fast, easy dinner idea you'll all LOVE. Plus, it's gluten free, paleo, and Whole30 approved!

Notes on the Recipe:

***THIS RECIPE HAS BEEN UPDATED*** Right when I released it, the proportions were a bit different and several of you mentioned that it was too salty. I re-tested it and adjusted the amounts this summer. I haven’t had any “too salty” complaints since. That said…

Go low sodium. Whether you use soy sauce, tamari, etc. I always suggest using low sodium sauce. If you use regular soy sauce/tamari, it can get too salty. If you can’t find low-sodium sauce, you can add less soy/tamari, or add a little more water to dilute it a bit. (I haven’t found this to be a problem with coconut aminos.) Also note that for this to be Whole30 compliant, you will want to stick with coconut aminos.

What kind of steak? The big thing here is something fairly lean. I tend to buy either top sirloin steak or loin tip steak. The thinner you slice it, the faster it cooks and the better the dish. Also, do keep an eye on it, since it really only takes 60-90 seconds per side to cook through.

Why broccolini? I’ve been on a broccolini kick because it’s so tender–even the stems! I don’t have any waste, and the flavor is a little bit more mild. I’ve also made it with broccoli with great results. Use whatever you can find!

Change it up! Not digging broccoli? No problem! Try snow peas, snap peas, bell pepper strips, or mushrooms. It’s all good.

Arrowroot vs. cornstarch.Arrowroot is a grain-free starch that’s often used as a thickener and is common in paleo cooking. If you don’t have it, feel free to use cornstarch. It lends a bit of crispiness to the beef and helps thicken the sauce. One thing that can make arrowroot a bit trickier to work with is that if you boil something too long with arrowroot in it, it actually loosens back up and thins out again. If you’re an absolute beginner cook, you may find cornstarch easier to work with, but if you’re fairly comfortable in the kitchen, it’ll be no problem if you follow the directions.

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Paleo and Whole30 Beef and Broccoli. This healthy dinner doesn't take long to prepare and the whole family will love it!

Used for this recipe: Ceramic Skillet // tamari or coconut aminos // arrowroot or non-GMO cornstarchPrint

Takeout made lighter at home - Healthy Beef and Broccoli! This one is gluten free, paleo, and Whole30 approved!

Healthy Beef and Broccoli


A takeout favorite gets a healthy makeover! This dish is easily paleo or gluten free, and comes together in no time! (See notes for Paleo/Whole30 tips!)


  • 3/4lb. lean steak (such as top sirloin, or loin tip) thinly sliced
  • 2 Tbsp arrowroot or cornstarch*
  • 1lb. broccolini (or broccoli), cut into 2″ sections
  • 1/2 cup low sodium gluten free tamari, coconut aminos, or soy sauce*
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 1/2 tsp fresh ginger, minced
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper, plus more to taste
  • 1/4-1/2 cup water, as desired
  • olive oil or coconut oil, for cooking


  1. In a medium bowl, combine thinly sliced steak with arrowroot (or cornstarch) and a pinch of pepper. Toss to coat well.
  2. Heat a drizzle of oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Working in batches, add a few slices of steak (not touching each other) to the pan. Cook 60-90 seconds per side, then transfer to a clean plate or bowl. Repeat with remaining steak, adding more oil to the pan as needed.
  3. When all the steak is cooked, add broccoli to the pan (again, if the pan is a bit dry, add a bit more oil). Cook 4-5 minutes, or until crisp-tender (cook longer if you like your broccoli softer).
  4. While the broccoli is cooking, mix up your sauce by combining the coconut aminos/tamari, garlic, ginger, and pepper.
  5. When broccoli is cooked through, transfer to plate/bowl with the steak. Pour sauce into the pan and stir to scrape up any browned bits. Return cooked broccoli and steak to the pan and stir to coat. The sauce should naturally thicken as it heats through and bubbles for a few minutes (3-5 minutes). If sauce is too thick, add a bit of water (or more coconut aminos/tamari).
  6. Serve warm!


*PALEO & WHOLE 30 Notes – For Whole30/Paleo, you *must* use coconut aminos and arrowroot to stay compliant.

Go low sodium. Whether you use soy sauce, tamari, etc. I always suggest using low sodium sauce. If you use regular soy sauce/tamari, it can get too salty. If you can’t find low-sodium sauce, you can add less soy/tamari, or add a little more water to dilute it a bit. (I haven’t found this to be a problem with coconut aminos.)

What kind of steak? The big thing here is something fairly lean. I tend to buy either top sirloin steak or loin tip steak. The thinner you slice it, the faster it cooks and the better the dish. Also, do keep an eye on it, since it really only takes 60-90 seconds per side to cook through.

Broccolini or Broccoli- I’ve been on a broccolini kick because it’s so tender–even the stems! I don’t have any waste, and the flavor is a little bit more mild. I’ve also made it with broccoli with great results. Use whatever you can find!

Change it up! Not digging broccoli? No problem! Try snow peas, snap peas, bell pepper strips, or mushrooms. It’s all good.

Healthy Beef and Broccoli - This take-out favorite is so easy to make at home and--BONUS--it's paleo, gluten free, and Whole30 approved!

Article source: http://www.onelovelylife.com/healthy-beef-and-broccoli/

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Healthy eating does not indicate that you need to avoid flavor and this Cajun Asparagus and Sausage Frying pan delivers the flavor. Loaded with lots of veggies and yummy spice, this sausage frying pan is a quick and simple weeknight meal that you can make in about 40 minutes. Your family won’t even understand they are eating a healthy dish when you serve them this Cajun flavor surge.

Back when my partner and I were dating we went to New Orleans for a long weekend. If you are interested in going there my friend Lauren has some excellent city guides on where to go and what to do you can check outhere.

sausage and asparagus in cast iron skillet with wooden spoon

We are always looking for ways to bring a bit of that taste house to Missouri and this frying pan does just that. I know that we do not include any seafood in this asparagus sausage skillet, but we live in Missouri. Fresh, flavorful seafood isn’t precisely offered on every street corner. We make due with what we have and imagine the day we get to return to the Gulf coast.

The concept for this recipe actually came from my sister (thanks Aub!). You wouldn’t believe that a four year old would be that hectic however between swim practice and dance and preschool events there is barely any time for long, laborious dishes.

peppers, onion, carrots, onions, and asparagus on a cutting board

Tips for making this dish:

  • Make certain to blanch the asparagus. I know it most likely appears like simply an extra action and extra pot dirtied. If you do not blanch it first it takes it rather a while to cook in the skillet and by then it’s gotten soaked and everything else has gotten soaked and it’s not truly the exact same.
  • Don’t poke the potatoes. It’s really challenging to stop yourself from continuously stirring and poking the pan. Attempt and limit yourself. Stirring the potatoes constantly will only make them take longer to prepare and deteriorate their shape.
  • , if Cajun flavoring is too hot for you or your little ones feel totally free to cut back on the quantity.. If you do not have/don’ t like Cajun spices this frying pan is likewise tasty with Italian spices. Do not hesitate to get used to your and your families individual tastes.
  • While it isn’t important, I’m obsessed with cooking in my cast iron skillet. Not simply meat!

Do not forget to register for get more basic, healthy recipes like this one! Simply click the red bar throughout the top of the page and enter your email address to have actually excellent dishes provided straight to your inbox!


sausage and asparagus in cast iron skillet with wooden spoon




This Spicy Cajun Asparagus and Sausage Frying Pan is the easy and quick dinner your family needs! Loaded with seasonal veggies and much more taste this meal is healthy, fresh and best for a busy weeknight meal..



asparagus skillet, cajun asparagus, cajun sausage skillet

Servings.: 4.Individuals.

Calories.: 467.kcal.

Author.: Hayley.

  • 1.Lot.Asparagus.Chopped into 2\” pieces.
  • 2.Cups.Water.
  • 4.Red Potatoes.Cubed.
  • 2.Carrots.Sliced into 1/4\” pieces.
  • 1.Green Bell Pepper.Diced.
  • 1/2.Medium.Yellow Onion.Diced.
  • 1.Package/14 oz.Smoked Sausage.Sliced into 1/2\” pieces.
  • 2.Tsp.Cajun Spices.
  • 1/2.Tsp.Salt.
  • 1/2.Tsp.Black Pepper.
  1. Prepare all components by dicing and slicing all vegetables and the sausage. Bring the 2 cups of water to a boil in a medium sized pan.

  2. Include sliced asparagus to boiling water and set timer for 5 minutes. While asparagus is boiling, include oil to a skillet over medium heat and include potatoes and add potatoes and carrots in a single layer.

  3. As soon as asparagus has actually boiled for 5 minutes and turned brilliant green drain pot and set aside. Allow potatoes and carrots to cook for 15 minutes or up until they start to soften..

  4. Press carrots and potatoes to the edges of the skillet and include onions, peppers, and sausage to skillet. Add seasoning to skillet and cook for an extra 10 minutes or till onions have softened and sausage has actually browned..

  5. Add asparagus to frying pan to and throughly blend all components so they have actually all been uniformly coated in the flavoring. Serve warm.

If too spicy, amount of spices can be adjusted to taste.

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You might require:.

The following are affiliate links which suggests that at no charge to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and purchase. I just advise items I have actually utilized myself or that I believe are highly dependable. You can find out more about this.here.

Article source: https://thesimplesupper.com/cajun-asparagus-sausage-skillet

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These easy, flavorful, sheet pan chicken fajitas make certain to end up being a favorite! They’re oven-roasted to excellence!

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas | lifemadesimplebakes.com

I enjoy a quick and simple supper. These sheet pan fajitas are simply that! They only take a few minutes to prep and the rest is performed in the oven. You can whip up some of our preferredspanish riceand a bowl ofhomemade guacamole. As soon as these come out of the oven, top them with your favoring mendings and supper is served!

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas | lifemadesimplebakes.com

We’ve made these fajitas at least 7 times over the previous few months. I think it’s safe to say they’re a favorite. They’re a little heavy on the prep work (meaning you’ve got ta slice peppers, onions and chicken) but besides that, they’re a breeze.

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas | lifemadesimplebakes.com

The onions and peppers get tossed on a HOT sheet pan. You toss on the chicken let it go up until it’s nice and brown.

After it comes out of the oven squeeze some lime juice over top (add a touch of newly sliced cilantro) and it’s ready to be feasted on- and trust me it will!

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas | lifemadesimplebakes.com

I’m not going to lie. We could eat these weekly and I ‘d be absolutely great with that. They’re insanely delicious and you can quickly personalize them by adding whatever garnishes you ‘d like. I’m all about the cheese, sour cream, salsa and lettuce. The hubby chooses cheese, sour cream, hot sauce and guac.

Feel in one’s bones that however you choose to top them, they’re gon na be excellent! Take pleasure in!!

These easy, delicious, sheet pan chicken fajitas make sure to become a preferred! They’re oven-roasted to perfection!

Active ingredients:

  • 3 tbsp. grapeseed, vegetable or avocado oil, divided **.
  • 3 bell peppers, seeds eliminated, 1/4- inch thick slices.
  • 1 yellow onion, very finely sliced.
  • 1– 1 1/2 lb chicken breasts, 1/4- inch thick slices *.
  • 2 tsp. chili powder.
  • 1 tsp. cumin.
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder.
  • 1 tsp. kosher sea salt.
  • 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper.
  • 1/2 tsp. paprika.
  • 1/2 tsp. coriander.
  • \u215b tsp. chili flakes or cayenne pepper (optional).
  • 1 lime.


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Location a basic size rimmed baking sheet in the oven while it heats up so that it’s hot and good.
  2. In large bowl toss 1 tablespoon oil with the bell peppers and onions. Thoroughly eliminate the hot baking sheet from the oven and spread the onions and peppers evenly across the sheet. Place in the oven and bake for 8 minutes.
  3. In the same bowl, combine the staying oil along with the chicken, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt, black pepper, chili, paprika and coriander flakes.
  4. Remove the sheet from the oven, drain off any excess liquid and add the chicken, ensuring to separate the pieces of chicken from each other (that way they don’t bake together.
  5. Return to the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the veggies are roasted and the fajitas are golden brown. Get rid of, squeeze the lime juice over leading and serve with preferred garnishes.

* I prefer cutting the chicken against the grain. I find that this approach creates more tender strips of fajita meat.
** Do.NOT.usage olive oil!! We are roasting at a very heat. Olive oil should not be used at 400 degrees. I have actually used all 3 types of oil, nevertheless, vegetable and avocado are my preferred.

All images and text ©Life Made Simple.

Best of LMS.


Cinco de Mayo.










Main Dishes.




Article source: http://lifemadesimplebakes.com/2016/06/sheet-pan-chicken-fajitas/

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