Amazing & Juicy Grilled Pork Tenderloin

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I’m sharing my approach for the most unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin, which cooks in under 15 minutes. Set with grilled veggies for a filling and healthy dinner!

Let’s keep this barbecuing train rollin ‘, shall we?

Here in the house we have thecapabilityto grill all year, but thedesireto stand outdoors freezing my buns off in the season that will not be named is, will we say, doing not have. That said, I welcome barbecuing season– what with it’s sizzling dinners requiring almost no cleanup– with open arms, and a cold drink in hand.

Last weekend I was barbecuing an incredibly juicy pork tenderloin when the desire for a wintry drink kicked in. Something about it being 85 degrees outside and burning your knuckle hairs over a hot flame does that to a lady.

The cider went perfectly with the grilled pork tenderloin I was preparing at the time. As the name of this post implies, pork tenderloin becomesunbeliveably.juicy and tender once seared over a high and hot flame. Like, providing steak a run for its tender, juicy and cash! Plus it grills up in under 15 minutes.

I'm sharing my method for the most unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin, which cooks in under 15 minutes. Pair with grilled vegetables for a filling and healthy dinner!|

I have actually checked the approach for grilling pork tenderloin, which is the exact same method I use for. flank steak many times over the past month and it works every single time. Without stop working. Seared and sizzling exteriors, wonderfully juicy and tender insides. NO pans to tidy, NO switching on the oven– just pure, simple, deliciousness.

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Pork is a meat (. crock pot pulled pork. and. bacon. When I was growing up pork had to be prepared to 160 degrees which, integrated with my Father’s fondness for well-done meat, suggested each pork slice, pork tenderloin, and pork roast we consumed felt like chewing on a mouthful of sawdust. Read: melt in your mouth.

Barbecued pork tenderloin is likewise a favorite of mine because it’s an exceptionally inexpensive cut of meat. In my area, it typically sells for $3.99/ lb and a 1-1/2 lb cut kindly feeds Ben, Lincoln, and myself. Couple with grilled veggies and a baked potato or rice, and you have an incredibly wallet-friendly meal.

Usually I simply season my pork tenderloin, preventing marinades because who has the time plus they tend to burn while burning on the grill. After slicing I serve with a sauce like my homemade. Honey-Balsamic BBQ Sauce. Chimichurri Sauce. (<< < < THIS!!) or. Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch Dressing . I’m informing you, there isn’t much that dressing doesn’t choose!

I hope you give this grilled pork tenderloin a try– I can almost ensure it will end up being a brand-new summer season favorite!

Start by cutting a.1-1/2 lb pork tenderloin.Keep in mind:.this is not the very same thing as a pork LOIN, which is usually utilized as a roast.

Rub the tenderloin all over with.extra virgin olive oil.then sprinkle with your preferred.spices.— salt, pepper, garlic powder, a steak rub (which is what I utilized) and so on– really anything you like. Like I said, I skip marinading the tenderloin in anything including sugars like honey, maple syrup or brown sugar, which would likely burn during the searing procedure on the grill.

Which is where we head next! You’re going to create a double heat zone on the grill, which sounds fancy, however it just implies one side is going to be hotter than the other. Here’s what ya do:.

  • Action 1:.Preheat the grill with all burners set to high heat until the internal temperature reaches a minimum of 500 degrees.
  • Step 2:.Turn 1/2 or 1/3 of the burners (depending upon the number of burners your grill has) to low heat.
  • Step 3:.Place the tenderloin on the high heat side of the grill then grill for 1-1/2 minutes on all four sides, closing the cover between turning.
  • Step 4:.Move the tenderloin over to the low heat side of the grill then grill for 4 minutes on each of the 2 larger sides (you will sear on 4 sides however 2 sides will wind up being fatter/flatter,) or up until an instantaneous read thermometer inserted into the center of the tenderloin reads 140 degrees. Again, keep the lid closed in between flipping.

That’s all she composed! Let the tenderloin rest for 10 minutes prior to slicing into thick pieces. I generally utilize that time to grill fresh veggies– zucchini, summer squash, and/or asparagus are my favorites. Serve with the BARBEQUE sauce of your option, or a. homemade chimichurri sauce.

I'm sharing my method for the most unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin, which cooks in under 15 minutes. Pair with grilled vegetables for a filling and healthy dinner! |

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin. dairy free. gluten free. low carb. slim. 15 minute meal. 20 minute meal.

Thirty minutes meal.

5/5 (.




I’m sharing my approach for the most amazingly juicy grilled pork tenderloin, which cooks in under 15 minutes. A filling and healthy summer season dinner!


  • serves 4.
  • 1-1/2 pound pork tenderloin (NOT pork loin), trimmed.
  • additional virgin olive oil.

spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, steak rub, etc

  1. .
  2. Instructions. Heat grill on high until it reaches 500 degrees then turn one burner to low.
  3. Rub pork tenderloin all over with additional virgin olive oil then season with wanted spices. Add pork to the high heat side of the grill then grill for 1-1/2 minutes on all four sides, keeping the lid closed between turning.

Move pork tenderloin to the side of the grill with low heat then grill for an extra 4 minutes on each of the 2 bigger sides (so 8 minutes total,) or until an instantaneous read thermometer reads 140 degrees, keeping the lid closed in between flipping. Let pork rest for 10 minutes prior to slicing and serving.

  • Notes.
  • I do not advise marinading the pork in anything including sugars (honey, brown sugar, maple syrup, etc) as it will likely burn while searing the exterior of the pork. I like to serve my grilled pork tenderloin with my. Honey-Balsamic BBQ Sauce. or homemade.

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