Our Plan Helps You To Lose Up To 20 Pounds Your First Month Without Drugs, Pills or Surgery!

You Lose Weight Fast, But Safely : Free Support Included!

Medifast Allows you Lose up to 20 lbs. during your first month

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Our Products & Plan Help You Lose Up to 20 Pounds During Your First Month the Easy Way,
Without Shopping, Cooking or Counting!

But You Need a Health Coach to Succeed
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With Me As Your Health Coach!

Clinically proven to Help You Lose and Keep the Weight Off!

Our meal replacement program that helps most people lose weight faster than traditional food-based diet plans.

Our healthy diet makes quick weight loss simple.  With our Plan, there is no calorie counting, no points system, no diet pills and no confusion.  The products are low calorie and consists of clinically proven meal replacements designed to help you lose up to 2-5 lbs. per week.

Don't Starve!
Because our products and program is a healthy diet, you eat every 2-3 hours, which allows you to minimize hunger and boost your energy. The convenient prepackaged low calorie diet meals allow you to be successful with quick weight loss.

Clinically Proven and Physician Recommended...

Our products and program have been proven in in multiple clinical studies.

Our Food and Program Cost Much Less that All the Major Diets Out There...

Eat 5 MEALS. Over 60 different, delicious Meal Replacements to choose from.

Eat 1 LEAN & GREEN MEAL. Any time of the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in-between.

Follow the our PHILOSOPHY of Weight Management. Based on studies of more than 5,000 individuals who have successfully maintained a weight loss of 60 pounds or more for at least 5 years. Learn more about our program

You get free support not only from a Health Coach but also from our Entire Health Network. We will be with you every step of the way so you stay motivated and receive everything that you need to succeed!

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  Lose Weight & Get Healthy Right Now and For Life!  

Individual results will vary.

At only $2.00 per meal you'll save money because you'll only be spending money on food for your Lean & Green Meal and your water every day on our program!

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